Joey McGuire – Head Coach – Staff Directory – Texas Tech Red Raider?

Joey McGuire – Head Coach – Staff Directory – Texas Tech Red Raider?

joey McGuire texas tech

There’s been a key ingredient to Joey McGuire’s success throughout his career: authentic relationships.   It’s the reason he became beloved as a high school coach,

Things To Know About Texas Tech Football Coach Joey McGuire

Editor’s note: Texas Tech head coach Joey McGuire led the Red Raiders to an upset 37-34 OT win over Texas on Saturday. In light of that, we’re bringing this.

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Did Joey McGuire play college football?

Joey McGuire was a Texas Tech football player. He was drafted into the NFL in the fifth round of the 2001 NFL Draft. In his career, he played for the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys. He was a standout linebacker and defensive end at Texas Tech University, where he led his team to two national championships in 2002 and 2004.

Texas Tech offensive coordinator?

Texas Tech offensive coordinator Joey McGuire has been a highly successful coach for the past decade. He has led the Red Raiders to an impressive record of 28 wins and 12 losses, including a win over Oklahoma in the national championship game.

Joey McGuire Cedar Hill record?

Joey McGuire is a record producer and entrepreneur. He has been working with music for more than 15 years. Joey has produced and performed with artists like Rihanna, Jadakiss, The Game, Fabolous, and many others.

He founded the record label “Steady House Management” in 2003. In 2008 he started his own record label called Joey McGuire Entertainment (JME). He was also the owner of the band “Cedar Hill” which had sold a total of 1 million records worldwide. His company Cedar Hill Records released their first album in 2004 titled “The Best Of Cedar Hill”. In 2009 he launched his own label “Joey McGuire Entertainment” and released another album under it titled “Cedar Hill”.

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